Why a Cheap Logo Design is Bad for Business

Choosing a logo design for your new business venture is usually one of the last few things to be tackled before you take the show on the road. This makes sense since the logo would be the visual representation of everything you want your business to be: excellent service, reliable, memorable, and an industry leader.

Even with rudimentary Photoshop skills, you might consider going online and simply searching online for logo designs that you can purchase cheap. This should turn up millions of possible results, each one costing no more than £20! This might seem like an excellent bargain, but you’ll find out that opting for a cheap logo design can actually hurt you more than help the business.

The Impact of Logo Design

Your company logo is probably the most powerful tool you have for branding. The minute a potential client sees it, they associate it with everything your company stands for, in the same way as seeing the Apple logo makes people think of ease-of-use and high quality gadgets. Although there may be dozens of other businesses providing what you offer, it is your logo that creates a distinction, allowing potential clients to differentiate you from other competitors.

Cheap is Unoriginal

It is therefore crucial to have a logo that stands out from all the other logo designs out there. This is the first hurdle you have to overcome – the creation of a unique logo customised specially for your business. Unfortunately, cheap logo designs are far from unique. Most of them come from a basic template that’s just been customized in fundamental aspects to make it more “personalised”. Overall however, the change isn’t really significant which means that the cheap logo can be easily overlooked within a sea of other logos.

Cheap Lacks a Strong Message

What do you want your business to say to potential clients? Each logo carries a potential message to everyone who sees it, depending on the font used, the colour of the logo, the shape, sizes, and so much more. For example, blue is often used to inspire trust and strength in companies – hence, the colors of Dell, HP, Oral-B, and IBM. Yellow is used to create optimism which is why McDonalds and the National Geographic Channel both have yellow symbols.

An unoriginal logo sends one message and that is: cheap and forgettable. It also tells potential clients that you are a start-up business, therefore minimising any possible trust they might have on your service. Through a good, well-made, and customised logo however, your target market would be able to read the message you want them to see.

Of course, there are some drawbacks to getting a highly customised design logo, some of which include the cost of the product and the length of time it takes to make them. Keep in mind though that the sacrifice is more than worth it because your logo is an investment rather than expense. By building on your logo, you’d be able to launch the business from a small concern to a large one easily identified in the industry.