Is it Time for a Re-Brand?

Posted on Sep 1, 2014 in Branding and Logo Design

With so many competitors in any given industry, branding has become such a vital aspect of getting your business noticed. The fact is that most people have a visual-form of memory which means that they’ll remember the image more than the name. That being said, you’ll need a logo that really captures the attention of your target market.

Assessing Your Current Logo

Of course, chances are you already have a logo and it has served you well during the first few years of the business. But does it actually reflect what you want people to remember about your company?

A logo should convey a message to potential customers about the type of product/service you offer. At first glance, it should be able to represent reliability, quality, affordably, convenience, or any other value you want your business to be known for.

Try doing this little exercise: think about your company’s mission and vision then write the 3 most important values you want your company to exhibit. Now look at your logo – does the design manage to reflect those 3 values?

When to Change Your Brand

There are many reasons why a brand facelift might be needed in the future. When your logo is no longer providing the kind of message you want to convey, this is the time to make a drastic change. If you find yourself stuck in the growth process and unable to fully penetrate the market, leveling-up the “distinction” of your brand is a must. In some instances, a complete reworking of your brand might be needed when you’re no longer getting the level of work you’re aiming for.

Now, many business owners are reluctant to make the change because they think that modifying their logo makes it harder for people to recognise them. However, this isn’t the case at all as proven by large companies who still pursued a logo despite the fact that their brand is already well-recognised. In 2013, companies such as Saab, American Airlines, and WH1 have made drastic changes in their logo. This was done in accordance with their shifting state of the company and an effort to empower their brand to the target market. In short, it actually helped rather than stall the growth, breathing in new life to an aging business.

More than a Logo

Of course, don’t forget the fact that branding is more than just your logo. A logo creates the ‘first impression’, but you must follow it through to reaffirm the impression. For example, if you are aiming to underline the reliability of your company, the way you post and comment through social media should also reflect that goal. Give your brand a personality and stick to it!

Correct company branding is the reason why corporations such as Apple and Google thrive today – and this isn’t something you can just do overnight. A powerful logo alone typically requires professional input and not just a few hours in WordArt or Photoshop. The right colours, font, shape, and size can convey so much – so don’t try to scrimp on this investment!