10 Things Successful People Never Do Again

Posted on Sep 12, 2014 in Business Development

There are many things that people do in their lives that get them into trouble but while most do not want to learn from those mistakes, successful people do. They use failures and hardships in the past as a marker for the future so that when they encounter the same situation and circumstances they can easily steer clear from the perils of making the same flawed choices.

These things are called “awakenings”, instances in life that allow people to navigate their lives better. People who are successful in their personal relationships, business, and in their careers take these seriously. Here is a list of the 10 things that happy and content people never do again.

  1. Attempt to do what hasn’t worked in the past. It does not matter if this is a failed relationship, a business venture gone wrong, or a line of work that left you unhappy. Things that did not work before will not magically work the second time around.
  2. Do things that do not fit one’s person and inclinations. People often do things that are simply outside of who they really are. The key questions to ask before you dive into something are “does this fit my interests and expertise?” and “can I keep on doing this for a long time?” if the answers to these are “no” then be very careful before you proceed.
  3. Try to change others. We can change ourselves through conscious endeavour but changing others is an entirely different story. You need to understand that you need to let people go and let them make their own choices and then allow them to experience the consequences of their decisions. This does not only free them but also free you from the burden of being responsible for other people’s lives.
  4. Attempt to please everybody. It is simply impossible to make everybody happy with the words you say and with your key decisions in life. The moment you accept this reality, you begin to live your life with purpose, allowing you to please the people that really matter to you.
  5. Go for short term pleasure instead of long term happiness. People often address the discomfort of their present circumstances. But in doing that they fail to have long term success and happiness. Embrace short term, temporary pain for this will make way for a lifetime of fulfilment.
  6. Trust what is flawless and perfect. Most of us would easily buy into an excellent company, or friends that appear to have great personality and untarnished character. But if there is one truth in the world it would be that no one and nothing is perfect. When someone seems to be too good to be true there is a big chance that he or she is. Prepare to get disappointed and be cautious especially when their claim is perfection and excellence.
  7. Forget to see things through the big picture. If you want to be successful you have to see through temporary setbacks and failures. You must refuse to believe that one event defines the story of your life. Focus on the big picture, your ultimate vision for your life. In that way, present disappointment will not cloud your wonderful outlook of the future.
  8. Forget to diligently examine one’s life. As life goes forward people often forget to have an honest and in-depth look into their lives if their current route is leading them to their destination. You owe yourself an honest assessment of where you are in your life. This quick reality check can make all the difference in your pursuit for success.
  9. Fail to check their role in their life. We often drift into the oblivion of everyday living that we often fail to ask, “What is exactly my role in the current situation of my life?” Successful people do not allow themselves to be tricked into thinking that they are passive participants in life. They know who and what they are in every situation life throws at them.
  10. Think that circumstances change automatically. When you change, circumstances change. This simply means that the things that are happening in your life are a reflection of your inner man. Happiness is internal and it is a choice. When we are dictated by external influences we fail to initiate our number one weapon against stagnation and unhappiness – our ability to make a choice in the midst of problems and difficulties.

Nobody is perfect. Even the most successful people in the world make mistakes. But the difference lies in what they do next. People who eventually achieve success are those that learn. They do not repeat past blunders because they decided to go through the pain of failure only once.